11 June 2006

CPP calls for credible alternative to NPP

CPP calls for credible alternative to NPP

Accra, June 11, GNA -

The Patriots of the Convention People's Party (CPP) on Saturday called on minority parties to design a credible alternative national development agenda to the policies of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

"Prosperity for all Ghanaians should be the stimulating factor, which should be in sharp contrast to the NPP ideology of focusing on the Private Sector as the engine of growth, against the background of a Property Owning Democracy under which the few get richer and the majority of Ghanaians sink deeper and deeper into hopelessness and poverty.

"Ideologically, we believe that the Private Sector is only a part of the engine of growth, and that, for a poor developing country like Ghana, the state has responsibility to ensure that economic growth is equitable and leads to improvements in the lives of every Ghanaian," the Patriots stated in an agenda paper presented at the official opening of the Lower Manya Krobo Constituency office of the CPP on Saturday. The Agenda, presented by a team of Patriots Members headed by Dr Nii Moi Thompson, Dr Kweku Safo and Nana Owusu Sekyere CPP Eastern Regional Chairman also seeks to ensure that Ghana's private sector serves its social purposes, while government should offer them incentives to become internationally competitive as part of a state strategy to strengthen Ghana's economy against the adverse effects of globalisation.

The Patriots said: "we stand for the building of a society of opportunity, not privilege; of inclusion not exclusion; of mutual respect not intolerance; of shared prosperity not selfish consumption; and above all, of freedom and justice for all.

"Ultimately, we seek as Ghanaians to work together - state sector, private sector and the civic sector to create a society free of exploitation, deprivation and ethnic rivalry," the Patriots stated. They said in keeping with the CPP's tradition of participatory development, on the basis of broad consultations with Ghanaians they would lead a crusade for an enhanced participatory democracy. On how to resolve the problems facing the CPP, the Patriots, which is made up of a group of Nkrumaists, deeply concerned about restoring a people centred approach to development in Ghana, outlined that with good leadership and policies Nkrumaism would bounce back onto the Ghanaian political arena with vim.

The Patriots, who have started the rebuilding of the CPP from grassroots - wards, constituencies and regional offices, would establish or renovate offices that have fallen into disuse.

The CPP Patriots noted: "Once we have rebuilt the structures of the party and put forward credible development path for the people of Ghana, we shall then commence the difficult but not-impossible task of mobilizing public support for our common cause.

"Patriotism is not something abstract. It is real, it won us independence in 1957 and would propel CPP back to power in 2008, it has a tangible impact on the economic, social and political development of a people," the CPP Patriots stated.

Dr Safo debunked the notion that the Patriots was set up to destroy the mother party, CPP, stressing, "we believe that the nationalist platform on which the CPP was built has collapsed and needs to be rebuilt.

"The Patriots are therefore, concerned about the sagging fortunes of the CPP as well as the deteriorating living conditions of Ghanaians...we are determined to do something about it." He called on all patriotic Ghanaians to join and make the CPP a viable party for elections 2008.

He said Ghana has lost its past glory and image through the peddling of drugs, indiscipline and other social vices adding, "the CPP cannot make patriotism fashionable again without first reclaiming the political power that was unfairly taken from us in the 1966 and 1981 Coups.

The office accommodation at Agomanya was official opened by the Patriot team and other CPP officials, including Mr Eric Kwesi Odonkor, Ms. Gladys Wayo, Constituency Assistance Secretary and Women Organiser respective; Mr David Terkper regional Youth Organiser and Nene Agbortey Zanto I, a divisional chief of the area. 11 June 06


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