31 July 2005

Six Candidates Vie For Odododiodoo Seat

Six Candidates Vie For Odododiodoo Seat

Six candidates have filed their nominations to contest the forthcoming by-election at the Odododiodoo Constituency.

They are Mr Christian Shanku Bruce, 63, for the Convention People’s Party (CPP); Mr Walid Laryea, 37, Independent; Mr Jonathan Tackie Komme for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Mr Collins Nii Amah Issakah, 26 for the Democratic People’s Party (DPP).The rest are Mr Alex Nii Aryeetey Wiseman,37,Independent and Mr Lenox Sydney Kojo Asafoatse Mankattah,36,for the New Patriotic Party(NPP).

Shortly after the candidates had filed their nominations at the Ashiedu Keteke District Office of the Electoral Commission (EC)at James Town in Accra,the candidates were asked to ballot for their positions on the ballot paper.

The NDC candidate picked the first spot on the ballot paper,followed by the CPP,DPP,NPP,Wiseman and Walid. The filing of the nomination by Mr Walid was said to have come as a big surprise to the followers of the NDC, particularly those in the constituency,after the national leadership had assured its followers that it had reached a compromise with Mr Walid to step down for Mr Komme.

Some observers believe that the decision of Mr Walid to contest as an independent candidate could lead to the splitting of the NDC votes,moreso when Mr Walid is regarded as a force to reckon with.Although the contest for political power in the country had always been a straight fight between the NDC and the NPP and the forthcoming by-election is not expected to an exception,the inability of the party to convince Mr Walid to step down could disturb the party’s chances in the election.Notwithstanding this headache of the NDC, the forthcoming poll would be a fierce contest between the NDC and the ruling NPP which claimed for strategic reasons,it had settled on the son of the late MP of the area,who incidentally was an NDC member.

Sources close to the NDC leadership said although it was disappointed with the decision of Mr Walid to go independent,it was certain to retain the seat in the by-election.

Odododiodoo is one constituency in the country where election since independence had been fiercely fought and the forthcoming by-election would not be an exception.

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22 July 2005

CPP and PNC leaders re-affirm commitment to merger

CPP and PNC leaders re-affirm commitment to merger
Kumasi, July 21, GNA -

Leaders of the Convention People's Party (CPP) and People's National convention (PNC) have re-affirmed their commitment to the realisation of the unity of the two parties into a formidable one.

Dr Edmund Delle, Chairman of CPP and Dr Edward Mahama, flagbearer of the PNC, who gave this assurance, said there was the need for all the fragmented groups of the Nkrumaist family to merge into one solid family.

The two leaders were addressing the Ashanti regional executive of the two parties at a sensitisation rally in Kumasi on Wednesday as part of the on-going talks for a merger.

"With a united front, we can pursue the philosophy, vision and ideals of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah to build a dynamic political party for national reconstruction", Dr Delle said.

He said the two parties were still holding talks on issues like the governing constitution, name and symbol for the united party and hinted that a congress would be held after all the knotty points had been resolved to declare and officially announce the merger. Dr Delle therefore, entreated the rank and file of the two parties to resolve to compromise on their differences to enable them present a vibrant front.

Dr Mahama called on well-meaning Nkrumaists to eschew personal agenda, divisiveness, disrespect for party discipline and direction that posed serious challenges to the unification of the Nkrumaist family. "Faced with a nation being torn apart by negative approach to national affairs, it is only a united Nkrumaist party with a focus that is needed to bring back hope to save the masses". He said since the 2004 general elections, it had dawned heavily on the leadership of the two parties to take positive steps towards unification as a measure to pursue a common vision and ideology.

Source: GNA

21 July 2005

CPP, PNC To Field One Candidate For Odododiodoo

CPP, PNC To Field One Candidate For OdododiodooThe Convention People’s Party (CPP) and the People’s National Convention (PNC) will present a common candidate for the Odododiodoo by-election.

The candidate which will be selected by the CPP will be supported by the PNC.Prof Nii Noi Dowuona,Chairman of the CPP who disclosed this in an interview,said the party had formed a five-man committee to draw up a programme of action for the by-election.

He said the committee would be supported by the Central Committee of the party in the implementation of the programme.

He said the committee would very soon announce the date for the filing of nomination and the campaign strategy. When reached for his reaction,Mr E.Pwamang, General Secretary of PNC confirmed the story and said it was a practical meaning to the unity talks between the two parties.

The seat became vacant after the death of Samuel Ayikwei Mankatah,NDC Member of Parliament(MP)for the area,at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital on July 4, 2005.

Subsequently, the Electoral Commission (EC) set Tuesday, August 30,2005 as the polling day for the by-election

Source: GNA

16 July 2005

CPP is working to win Ododiodoo seat

CPP is working to win Ododiodoo seat
Tema, July 15, GNA -

The Greater Accra Regional Organiser of the Convention People's Party (CPP), Nana Kwaku Dumfeh, has said that the CPP will contest the Odododiodoo by-election in full force. "Our scouts are on the ground mapping up strategies and we will soon come out to announce our candidate", he added.

He however, urged all members and supporters of the party to organise themselves and come together to wrest the seat from the National Democratic Party (NDC) which, he said, did nothing good for the people in the constituency during the eight years that they won the seat.

The Regional Organiser in a statement to the GNA in Tema on Friday indicated that Odododiodoo seat was for the CPP when Dr Kwame Nkrumah won it in 1951 and feels the party would take back its rightful position in Ghana politics if it wins that seat back.

He stressed that the CPP is not an elite party and would choose a candidate who would be identified by the people, who understands their plight and could work to make life meaningful for them.

He blamed the NDC for bringing hardships to the people in the constituency because it neglected them during the eight years they won the elections whiles the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 'messed up' within the four years they won the seat.

The Ododiodoo seat has become vacant following the death of the Member of Parliament for the area, Mr Samuel Ayikwei Mankattah. Meanwhile the Electoral Commission has set Tuesday August 30, 2005 as the polling day for the bye-election.

Since the inception of the fourth Republic Nii Okaidja Adamafio won the seat two consecutive times in 1992 and 1996 for NDC, in 2000 Niibi Ayi Bonte snatched it for the NPP and lost it to the late Mankatah in election 2004.

Source: GNA

08 July 2005

Nkrumaist youth express concern about unity talks

Nkrumaist youth express concern about unity talks
Tamale, July 7, GNA -

The Youth Wings of the Convention People's Party (CPP) and the People's National Convention (PNC) in Tamale have expressed dismay at the delay in the unity talks and the internal wrangling within the CPP leadership in the Northern Region.

"We, the youth in the Northern Region register our worry over the feet dragging in the Nkrumaist unity talks. This tends to undermine the confidence we have in the leadership at the top hierarchy of the two parties."

This was contained in a press statement issued and signed by Mr Iddirisu Andani Mu-Azu, PNC Regional Secretary and Mr. Emmanuel Abu Alhassan (Nyabto), Deputy Northern Regional Secretary of the CPP in Tamale on Thursday.

The youth noted that putting in place structures at the local and national levels, the election of the right persons for positions, the acquisition of logistics and financial support were some of the concerns that needed to be addressed on time. "Another worry is the internal wrangling within the CPP. Some members in the region had unilaterally convened a short meeting to appoint Acting Regional Executives, including a Regional Chairman," the youth said.

The statement said the National Chairman, Dr. Edmund Delle, had confirmed Mr.Albert Atutiga as the Regional Chairman and wondered why another Regional Chairman should be appointed without the concern of the National and Regional Executives of the Party.

The youth therefore, urged the leadership of the Nkrumaist parties to stop the arm-twisting that had the potential of destroying the unity talks and derailing the process of forming a united Nkrumaist party.

July 07 05
Source: GNA

06 July 2005

CPP urged to support People's Representation bill

CPP urged to support People's Representation billKumasi, July 06, GNA - Mr Kwame Appiah Boateng, a member of the CPP, on Wednesday appealed to the hierarchy of the CPP to appreciate and support the People's Representation Bill which is before parliament to ensure its speedy approval.

He said the support by the CPP and other political parties to the bill would encourage and win the confidence of Ghanaians abroad. ''They will show their appreciation by contributing to the parties,'' Mr Boateng said in a statement he issued in Kumasi on Wednesday.

He said Ghanaians abroad have contributed and continue to contribute to the socio-economic and political development of the country and there was the need for the state to show its appreciation by giving them the right to vote and take part in the governance of the nation.

Mr Boateng said the state should even go further by reserving parliamentary seats for Ghanaians living abroad. This, he said, would enable them contribute to parliamentary discussions and make their voices heard on pertinent national issues.

Source: GNA

03 July 2005

CPP appoints 30 new spokespersons

CPP appoints 30 new spokespersons

The Convention People’s Party, the CPP says its process of rebuilding is on course for the party’s success at the 2008 polls.

The party has released the names of about 30 people who will speak on various policy issues.

The General Secretary of the CPP, Professor Nii Noi Dowouna told JOYNEWS that the move is also a response to criticism that the CPP has no position on issues of national interest.

“Elections or party functions must not only be limited to elections. We are enjoined by the constitution to shape the will of the people and it is by articulating your views and espousing your policies and programmes: an you have to do this from the view point of experts, so the party has a dominant force, it has a lot of people who have opted to articulate police and programmes of the party,” he said.

Meanwhile a leading member of the CPP, Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso has raised issues with the party appointments.

Dr. Antwi-Danso told JOYNEWS that the party should be concentrating on building its support base in the rural areas instead of appointing spokespersons.“ I’m saying its not a right step, the people are ansciously waiting for us in the villages, districts and regional capitals, I mean we are not on the ground yet. I’m saying the strategy today should be being on the ground. I’m saying its good to have spokesmen but this is not the time for forming committees of spokespersons on those issues…” he said.“ This is the time that you need committees to give proposals on what to do when you come to power on some specific issue like agriculture. If that is the purposes for which these committees have been formed, I have no qualms, but if it is for the purposes for spokespersons and the so called shadow ministers then I’m afraid it’s unscientific,” he said.

Source: GHP

01 July 2005

CPP: We're the only viable tradition

CPP: We're the only viable tradition
Accra, June 30, GNA -

The Convention People's Party (CPP) remains the only viable political tradition to rally the people of Ghana for national reconstruction, the Party's General-Secretary, Dr Nii Noi Dowuona, said on Thursday.

A statement issued in Accra on the eve of the 45th Republic Day anniversary, the CPP said in fulfilment of this objective, the Party would work assiduously for total unity of all Nkrumaists. "In fact, our quest at uniting the ranks of the Nkrumah political family and progressives is inspired by Dr Kwame Nkrumah's agenda for grassroots mobilisation of ordinary people on matters that affect their survival and sustenance," he said.

Dr Dowuona said the CPP would remain resolute in building an independent, progressive and united Party that would commit itself to the welfare of the masses as envisioned by Dr Nkrumah."

In doing so, the CPP is keenly conscious of the fact that the material basis, which will improve the lot of Ghanaians, can only be provided by a government of a people-centred party."In this regard, the Party calls on Ghanaians to renew their faith and commitment to the cause of the CPP."Dr Dowuona said this alone would enable the Party to mobilise the relevant material and human resources towards the rejuvenation of the CPP.

The CPP said Republic Day would forever remain in the minds of Ghanaians as the day when Ghana attained full sovereignty status under Dr Nkrumah.

The CPP said it had noted with grave concern the economic difficulties and impoverishment of the people."This is a negation of all the economic achievements of the CPP government, which brought work and happiness to millions of Ghanaians and their families."

The CPP asked Ghanaians to commit themselves to Dr Nkrumah's policy on Pan-Africanism and the emancipation of the oppressed and underprivileged."

The youth in whose hands the destiny of the nation resides must resolve to continue to struggle to build a better and prosperous Africa."

Source: GNA

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