03 July 2005

CPP appoints 30 new spokespersons

CPP appoints 30 new spokespersons

The Convention People’s Party, the CPP says its process of rebuilding is on course for the party’s success at the 2008 polls.

The party has released the names of about 30 people who will speak on various policy issues.

The General Secretary of the CPP, Professor Nii Noi Dowouna told JOYNEWS that the move is also a response to criticism that the CPP has no position on issues of national interest.

“Elections or party functions must not only be limited to elections. We are enjoined by the constitution to shape the will of the people and it is by articulating your views and espousing your policies and programmes: an you have to do this from the view point of experts, so the party has a dominant force, it has a lot of people who have opted to articulate police and programmes of the party,” he said.

Meanwhile a leading member of the CPP, Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso has raised issues with the party appointments.

Dr. Antwi-Danso told JOYNEWS that the party should be concentrating on building its support base in the rural areas instead of appointing spokespersons.“ I’m saying its not a right step, the people are ansciously waiting for us in the villages, districts and regional capitals, I mean we are not on the ground yet. I’m saying the strategy today should be being on the ground. I’m saying its good to have spokesmen but this is not the time for forming committees of spokespersons on those issues…” he said.“ This is the time that you need committees to give proposals on what to do when you come to power on some specific issue like agriculture. If that is the purposes for which these committees have been formed, I have no qualms, but if it is for the purposes for spokespersons and the so called shadow ministers then I’m afraid it’s unscientific,” he said.

Source: GHP

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