10 May 2006

CPP is dying by the day - Mike Eghan

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

CPP is dying by the day - Mike Eghan

Accra, May 9, GNA -

The Convention People's Party (CPP) is dying by the day, that's why it scored zero or single digit votes at most polling stations during elections, Mr Mike Eghan, Former Second Vice Chairman of the Party said at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday.

"The CPP as it is; is not capable or able to fill the centre-left political vacuum created in the country," he said, adding, "the current leadership has proven itself unable to unite, strengthen and broaden the base of the party and failed to give the once vibrant Party a voice in national affairs."

Mr Eghan, who resigned his position recently after serving in various capacities in the Nkrumaist front, cited the Tamale Central by-elections to support his argument and said the differences between the winner and the CPP candidate was over 28,000 votes, "this is not a mere defeat but a total humiliation to a Party of the calibre of the CPP".

He revealed that since 1992, neither the CPP nor a Party that pledged allegiance to the Nkrumaist tradition had been able to organize from the ward and polling station levels through to the constituency, regional and national, which served as the basis for the growth of a political party.

As a result of bad leadership, the Former Vice Chairman said, the Party thrived on the strength of individuals who carry it at the constituency levels instead of the Party providing opportunities for individuals to prove themselves worthy of leading the Party at different stages.

He attributed the weakness of the CPP to infiltration of the main opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC), whose birth on the political arena had created nothing but problems for the Nkrumaists front.

"They have taken over our strongholds, the Northern Region; Volta; Western and other parts of the country which were for the CPP. They have now been captured by the NDC and they have poached our leading members."

"I Mike Eghan personally, wish that we marshal all resources and strategies to kill the NDC. After their demise, our comrades would come back home. We need to collaborate with other parties I don't care if it is the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP)."

Mr Eghan, therefore, called for the building of a credible, centre-left movement to fill a political vacuum created by the NPP's centre-right philosophy, which focuses on the private sector-business people, the capital seeking and property owning people and preferred to put the individual interest above that of the State.

The NDC's political philosophy according to Mr Eghan is unclear. "The NDC presided over policies that led to the privatisation of State assets, and adoption of economic policies of the right and now speaks of being Social Democrats.

"Ghana needs a real, firm unwavering centre-left party to fill the vacuum as a counter to the centre-right NPP so that there would be a balance to policy making in Ghana, it is the hope of many Ghanaians that CPP would fill the vacuum in the left of the political spectrums."

Ghana needed a new CPP capable of attracting membership from existing political parties - CPP; NPP; NDC; Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP); People's National Convention (PNC); National Reform Party (NRP); EGLE Party and others who did not believe in any of the existing parties to join.

Mr Eghan explained: "I am not looking for a new faction or breakaway political party from any existing one. What I am looking for is a new political movement with a broad base strategy to attract the youth, women, workers, professionals and all, who are looking for a healthy, positive competition in Ghanaian politics."

He said the modalities for the building of a centre-left party had started through the engagement of consultation throughout the country to educate and mobilise people and give content and character for the birth of the new Nkrumaists movement.

Supporting Mr Eghan to answer questions from newsmen, Mr Kwaw P. Ansah, Executive Producer of Television Africa Limited, accused America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of masterminding the overthrow of Dr Kwame Nkrumah in the 1966 coup.

He said: "The power that overthrew Nkrumah was mightier; the Ghanaians involved were mere tools in the hands of CIA. Ghana, a black African country was becoming too powerful for the comfort of the Super Powers, hence the use of few Ghanaians to halt the popularity of Ghana and Osagyefo."

Mr Ansah called for the building of a strong Nkrumaist Party capable of winning political power in Election 2008; "we should not be participants but we should win. The era of embarrassing Nkrumah in elections in Ghana is over."

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