08 March 2006

Resolve issues with DV Bill- CPP

Resolve issues with DV Bill- CPP
Posted: Mar 08 2006

The Convention People’s Party has asked government to take immediate steps to resolve outstanding issues on the Domestic Violence Bill and other proposed legislations to pave way for their passage into law.

In a statement to commemorate International Women’s day, which falls today, the party says this will show the government’s commitment to the noble ideals of equality and emancipation of women and the under-privileged.

The CPP says the best protection for the rights of women is an open and democratic society free from all manner of discrimination, especially against the under-privileged.

The party says it remains committed to the women’s cause and will explore all avenues to support Ghanaian women and Gender Advocacy groups in their quest to seek opportunity for women, children and the under-privileged.

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