11 January 2006

Mike Eghan Resigns

The Second National Vice Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mike Eghan, has resigned from his position. Mr. Eghan insists that he is, however, still a member of the CPP. But he accuses the current leadership of the party of fomenting factionalism and doing little to lift the party’s image.

In a memo to the Chairman of the party, Mr Eghan called on all members of the current leadership to resign from their posts to pave the way for others to manage the party more effectively. Mr Eghan attacked the stewardship of the party’s Chairman, Edmund Delle. He says that under Mr. Delle’s two-year tenure the party is slowly fading into oblivion.

“I’ve complained internally to the leadership at internal meetings but it seems like everything I have said has fallen on deaf ears so I decided that I don’t want to be part of this leadership that has failed the party.

That should be the most honouarble thing to do and I’m sure that every member of the leadership as we speak today is very much aware that we have not been able to perform satisfactorily. We have failed the party and I think we should all resign and give way to other people to take over and manage the affairs of the party. If we were performing satisfactorily people would want to invest in the party. No body would want to invest in a business that is not promoting itself. If we are attractive enough then people would want to put in money but we are not attractive enough due to the bad leadership we have offered the party in the last two years.

I think that this gesture should indicate to people that if you work with honest people you could achieve something better. I cannot leave the party. I’m a member of the party and I would stay from bottom and work upstairs. You might be surprised how my resignation has gingered the party. People are calling me; some are congratulating me for being honouarble enough to take this firm decision,” he said.

Reacting to news of Mr. Eghan’s resignation, the Chairman of the CPP’s Publicity Committee, Kwesi Pratt Jnr. said it is significant that Mr. Eghan remains a member of the party.


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