23 January 2006

I’m embarrassed’-Nduom

I’m embarrassed’-Nduom
Posted: Jan 23 2006

Convention People’s Party (CPP) MP, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, has expressed embarrassment over what he describes as the party executives’ display of incompetence in their attempts to expel their representatives in Parliament.

The party’s central committee, last week, passed a resolution to expel Dr. Nduom, MP for Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem constituency and his two colleagues for their anti-CPP comments.

The two others are: first Deputy Speaker and MP for Ellembelle, Freddie Blay, and MP for Evalue Egyira Kojo Armah.

But the leadership has since rescinded its decision and has rather referred the matter to its disciplinary committee.

Speaking to JOYFM, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom said such contradictions vindicate their position that the national executives of the party are incompetent.

“ We are all embarrassed. This demonstration of inconsistency that has gone on since Thursday has confirmed what we have been saying all along that what we need in the CPP is get new leadership that will organise this party and bring up greater credibility.

Perhaps some of the people have gone back to check the party’s own constitution and the national constitution and other things and are realising, perhaps, some wanted to be vindictive or to act in a way that was not even in their own self interest and are back tracking,” he said.

The disciplinary committee is yet to invite the MPs for a hearing and Dr. Nduom says he will be willing to state his case if invited.

“ I’m not in any way afraid to go before any disciplinary committee of the party because some of the things that I have said, I do feel and believe them very strongly. I have sacrificed a lot for this party; I have done a lot for this party.

I could have done any other thing and perhaps could have belonged to some other political party.

I chose to believe and belong to this party and no one, no one is going to tell me that they hold the heart of the party better than some of us and so yes, I will go and defend our actions,” he said.

The three MPs were expelled after they issued a statement calling for the dissolution of the national executives of the party on grounds of incompetence.

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