12 January 2006

Eghan’s Resignation Will Not Affect CPP

The chairman and leader of the Convention People’s Party, Dr. Edmund Delle has rejected calls for the leadership of the party to resign. Dr. Delle was reacting to a call by the party’s second national vice chairman, Mike Eghan, who quit his post recently and advised his colleagues to also resign.

The CPP chairman told newsmen that the rank and file have confidence in his leadership; and he believes that Mr. Eghan’s resignation will not affect the party’s effort to position the CPP as a third force.

“If you are with a group and you want to push your ideas, the majority say they don’t agree with you, I think its honourary to resign my objection to his resignation is democratic.

I think people who do not know the working of the CPP, we are not on the ground, and they will think its damage. It’s an expression of our democratic principles in the party,” he said.

Dr. Delle said the leadership of the party is working to bring about the unity and structure the party needs, which will be decided upon when the party goes to congress at the end of February.

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