25 January 2006

Decision to expel MPs not reversed

Decision to expel MPs not reversed
Posted: Jan 25 2006

The chairman of the disciplinary committee of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Riley Opoku says the central committee of the party has not rescinded its decision to dismiss the party’s three Members of Parliament (MPs).

He however said that the disciplinary committee of the party is the only body in the party mandated with the constitutional powers either or not to uphold the decision.

“That is why the central committee has formally written to disciplinary committee for hearing in its decision,” he said.

Mr Poku said it was up to the central committee to bring evidence against the MPs that they were working against the interest of the CPP.

He said that anybody who though the central committee had backed down on its earlier decision to dismiss the members would be making a big mistake because if that was the case, the disciplinary committee would not meet on the issue.

Mr Poku said he had received the decision taken by the central committee but is yet to meet with the other members of the disciplinary committee to fix a date and venue for the hearing.

He said after the meeting with his members, the MPs would be informed of the matter so as to prepare for questioning.

He said the respondents would be allowed to appear with counsels if they wish.

Asked what would happen if the MPs decide not to respond to the hearing of the disciplinary committee, Mr Poku said based on what he heard from Dr Nduom on radio, the MPs would be more than ready to appear on invitation.

He said his position, as a member of the central committee, would not in any way compromise his role as the chairman of the disciplinary committee.

“ It has happened before and this time the committee would be fair in its deliberations,” he said.

Mr Poku said the central committee had the powers to take the decision it took and nobody should think it unconstitutional and that the matter of the MPs was not on the agenda of the national workshop that took place in Kumasi on January 19, but only cropped up when they were discussing “ other matter’.

“ I can tell you that there was no agenda to dismiss the MPs at the meeting as some people believe,” he said.

Source: Daily Graphic

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