23 January 2006

CPP-UK Backs Sacking Of MPs

CPP-UK Backs Sacking Of MPs
Monday, 23 January 2006

United kingdom and Ireland Branch wishes To confirm its position noted in a Press Release issued in London on Monday 23rd January that the Central Committee of the CPP, has the Branch’s total support in its decision to expel from the party 3 members of Parliament.

As noted in the Press Release, the UK & Ireland Branch , charged with coordinating the international affairs and activities of the CPP has monitored the reaction of Nkrumaists across the globe through the various sites shared by CPP members and Nkrumaists and can assure the Central Committee of global support by the Party of the decision taken.

Many noted that the Party has been more than tolerant with these persons who have openly supported our opponents, campaigned against the CPP’s candidates and have continuously maligned the Party. That no political party anywhere in the world would tolerate its members serving the interests of its opponents. We note in our statement that thousands of CPP foot soldiers internationally as well as within Ghana have served, sacrificed, toiled over the years and continue to man their party positions selflessly in the interest of Ghana’s democracy, only for their efforts to be continuously undermined by a selfish few. That majority welcome the bold decision now taken by the Central Committee to instill discipline in the Party and strengthen the hand of the majority. Our Statement notes further that an Executive of any Party in any country can refer matters to a Disciplinary Committee if it so wishes but it has the authority to take any decisions itself particular where it is an urgent matter affecting the fabric of the Party. A disciplined party is a party ready for government and the CPP in taking such a bold decision is showing signs that it is gearing up for government tin 2009.

If the 3 MP’s have forgotten the old CPP saying we would humbly remind them of it – “The Party Is Supreme”, and no one would be allowed to hold back the forward march of the great CPP.

Yours In the Service of Ghana’s Democracy
R.N.A. Akomfrah Chairman (CPP UK & Ireland)

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