24 January 2006

CPP Leadership Has Failed - Mike Eghan

CPP Leadership Has Failed - Mike Eghan
Tuesday, 24 January 2006

A former Vice Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr Mike Eghan has added his call for the current leadership of the party to resign, adding that the current leadership must accede to the fact that they have failed the party and therefore must shamefully bow out.

Mr Mike Eghan, who last week dropped his letter of resignation as the party’s Vice Chairman bemoaned the part’s executives to organise education sessions for the party’s members for them to know what the party stands for or for that matter the philosophy of the party. He said the situation has resulted in the unattractiveness of the party and for that matter its low patronage.

Mr Eghan said he admits every party goes through problems at one time or the other, but that of the CPP is purely an issue of leadership. He said having realised that the Delle administration had failed the party, he decided to resign honourably. “The Delle Administration has failed the party, they must step down” he added.

However, the Deputy General Secretary of the party, Mr Benjamin Daniels took a swipe at the former Vice Chairman questioning his justification for his calls for the leadership to resign. According to him, the fact that the party was going through problems did not mean that the cause must be blamed squarely on the door step of the current crop of leadership. He said at least he knows he has been able to achieve a lot for the party and therefore describing the Vice Chairman’s comments as untrue. He added that the CPP is still focused and will do anything for its revival.

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