27 August 2005

Support The CPP At Odododiodoo -CPP

Support The CPP At Odododiodoo -CPP

Ghana Must Take Stock At Odododiodoo And Support The CPPGhana has been an independent country for more than 48 years. 9 of those years since 1957 was under CPP rule, 20 years were under PNDC/NDC rule, 10 years was of other military rule and the current NPP administration is 4.5 years into its rule.

What must be fairly apparent to all Ghanaians now is that the bulk of Ghana’s development has been achieved under CPP rule – schools/universities , infrastructure development of motorways/roads, airports/harbours, hospitals/clinics, housing; factories/jobs, farms, placing women firmly at the heart of our national affairs with equal pay for equal work etc, youth empowerment.

Also apparent is that whether NDC or NPP rule, nothing seems to change – same level of corruption, deteriorating standards at schools and hospitals, less and less facilities, less and less jobs, more and more are leaving the country, ever rising cost of living with higher and higher utility bills and School fees, ever declining standard of living, greater and evermore greater hardship.

Ghana needs to take stock of where it is heading and what needs to be done. Ghana must return to the bosom of its founding parent the CPP, it is the only way to get back on track and halt the long years of neglect of ordinary people and their plight.

Ghana does not need to keep suffering year after year of NDC or NPP rule with nothing ever changing; we can pause now and boldly opt for a path back to CPP government.

Odododiodoo offers the country that chance.Of the candidates Shanco Bruce the CPP candidate is the only candidate with the vision and experience to adequately represent the people of the constituency.

The NPP insults the intelligence of the constituency with its choice of candidate who has little political experience or authority to fight for the constituency.

The NDC is ever complacent with the CPP seats that it now holds and believes it can put anyone in the seat and the electorate will vote for the person.The two parties must both be taught the lesson of people power and in the process the country can signal a bold change in direction, a change which would lead to CPP government.

Many now know and acknowledge that until Ghana returns a CPP government we will all continue to suffer endlessly, with no end in site for a better life.

Nii Armah. Akomfrah Chairman
Source: GHP

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