15 August 2005

CPP Meets To Discuss Final Merger With PNC

CPP Meets To Discuss Final Merger With PNC

The central committee of the Convention People's Party (CPP) is expected to meet at the end of this month to discuss the final details of a merger proposal between the CPP and the People's National Convention (PNC).

Talks between the CPP and PNC began after the 2004 Elections following calls for all Nkrumahists to unite. The PNC's top hierarchy and other functional units agree to the proposal and will submit it to their congress soon. But the CPP's high-ranking officials have yet to adopt the proposal. The party's General secretary, Professor Nii Noi Dowuona told newsmen that all indications suggest the merger is not in doubt.

"At the end of it all is the congress but unity is about how you begin to work together and you saw that on Saturday we held our rally to introduce our candidate at Odododiodio and the PNC vice president Alhaji Ramadan was there.... The constituency was actively involved in the campaign and this is the process that we are looking at. But the crucial thing is about how you work together and then commit to identify yourself under one banner. That is what is important and that is what he has already begun doing," he said.

Some rank and file of the CPP have protested aspects of a new draft constitution, which is being developed in line with the merger. Professor Dowuona says the executive committee will take all outstanding issues on board. "We shall go to that forum and the forum has a broader representation and people can discuss the matter. I believe any sentiments that are expressed by the members of the CPP will not undermine the unity process because they make genuine concerns.

And that is a wake up call for us to discuss the matter in a democratic manner and whatever comes out from our master executives meeting will enable us to have further unity talks," he said.
Source: GHP 15th August 2005

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